About our teachers.....

Instructors - Deric Bumbaugh, Ron Randolph, Korie Seville and Bobby Deibler

Our Black Belt Council, collectively, has been training in martial arts for over 100 years. Many of them have been training since they were very young and still enjoy the lifelong journey they have chosen.

Our instructors are highly trained and have experience in a multitude of different arts including Aikido, Muay Thai, Isshin Ryu, Shaolin Gongfu (Kung Fu), Kendo (Japanese Sword), Kali Escrima (Filipino Stick), Judo, Chi Na (Joint Locking and Manipulation), Jeet Kune Do, Jiu Jitsu, and more. Our instructors have trained under some of the best martial artists in the world including Dan Inosanto (student of Bruce Lee), Bill Wallace, Shi Yan Ming, Fumio Demura, and others.

Sam Kauffman
Yoga Instructor

Sam Kauffman is one of our yoga instructors. Sam is a 200RYT certified yoga instructor having received his 200 hour RYT certification at Om My Yoga Academy in March 2016. Sam is registered with Yoga Alliance and is currently working on his 500 RYT.

In his second year as an instructor, Sam teaches a traditional Vinyasa Flow yoga. Our program is supportive of beginners as well as those who enjoy a regular practice. While we follow most of the physical traditions of a typical yoga class, you may find our environment to be less traditional than that of a typical yoga studio. You may hear “regular” music being played during our practice or you may meet martial artists in the lobby dressed for the upcoming karate class down the hall. We like to think of it as “yoga with a kick”.

Bryan Fant
Yoga Instructor

Bryan Fant started practicing yoga after a career in the US Army, and credits it with changing his life. He felt compelled to share its amazing benefits, and completed his 200hr instructor training in June 2015. Bryan has instructed in a variety of locations, having returned most recently from a year on the Caribbean island of St Croix. His teaching style emphasizes proper alignment, body mechanics, and core strength, in a slow-flow style that's accessible to everyone from beginner to advanced.

Janel Kauffman
Aerial Yoga Instructor

Janel Kauffman is our instructor for our aerial arts program. Janel is a certified Level I and Level II VaihAyasa® Aerial Yoga instructor having received her certification at Om My Yoga Academy in June 2015. She is also a 200RYT certified yoga instructor having received her 200 hour RYT certification from Om My Yoga Academy in June 2015. She is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Janel enjoys teaching various style classes including traditional flow, restorative, detoxification, traditional flow with extra power, and other variations.

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