Taekwondo Instructors

Korie Seville - Sa Bum Nim (4th Dan) - Senior Instructor (Taekwondo Program)

Korie currently holds a 4th dan under Master Scott Bossler from the Cobra system. In addition to his Taekwondo rank, Korie also holds a one stripe Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Professor Chris Fones (a one stripe black belt under Master Rigan Machado) and is affiliated with the Tiger Family Iaito Association under Grandmaster S.L. Martin.

Korie has also trained under multiple systems and instructors such as Kali Escrima undo Guro Dan Inosanto and Shaolink Kung Fu under Sifu Shi Yan Ming, and has attended seminars taught by Grandmaster Fumio Demura and Christine Rodriguez.

Ron Randolph - Sa Bum Nim (4th Dan) - Senior Instructor (Taekwondo Program)

Ron currently holds a 4th dan under Master Scott Bossler from the Cobra system. In addition to his Taekwondo rank, Ron also has experience in Chen and Fu style Taiji, and has trained with multiple martial artists including Dr. Yang, Grandmaster Bill Wallace, Grandmaster Fumio Demura, and Sifu Shi Yan Ming.

Kenpo Instructors

Michael (Mike) Castro - 8th Dan - Master Professor (Kenpo Program)

Professor Castro currently holds an 8th dan under Master Professor Rick Alemany, chief instructor of the Alemany Karate School

Instructors - Ron Randolph, Korie Seville and Mike Castro

Mat and Aerial Yoga Instructors

Sam Kauffman

Sam Kauffman is co-owner of the studio and teaches a traditional Vinyasa Flow yoga class. Sam earned his 200 RYT certification in March 2016 and earned his 500 RYT certification in December 2019. He is also a certified Level I and Level II VaihAyasa® Aerial Yoga instructor. Sam received all of his training at Om My Yoga Academy and is registered with Yoga Alliance®.

Janel Kauffman

Janel Kauffman is co-owner of the studio and teaches primarily aerial yoga, but also teaches mat yoga and other aerial arts classes. Janel’s classes include traditional flow, restorative, detoxification, power flows, and other variations. Janel earned her Level I and Level II VaihAyasa® Aerial Yoga instructor certification in June 2015. She also earned her 200 RYT certification in June 2015. Janel received all of her training at Om My Yoga Academy and is registered with Yoga Alliance®.

Adrienne Herr-Paul

Adrienne is a lifelong mover who has trained in dance, martial arts, pilates, yoga, and other forms of movement over the last 30 years. She is a 500RYT and registered with Yoga Alliance. She did most of her training with Yoga Garden in San Francisco as well as aerial yoga training at Yoga on York in Baltimore. Adrienne's classes are based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga tradition with an emphasis on alignment and proper breathing techniques. Her intention in every class is to help guide her clients into deeper expressions of yoga asanas, increasing both strength and flexibility as well as to facilitate a deeper connection to their internal identity and self.

Kim Crider

Kim Crider has been in the health and wellness industry for over 30 years and has held roles as a mental health counselor, personal trainer, and yoga instructor. As a yoga instructor, she loves to teach beginners the basics of yoga in a friendly and fun way. Kim is an active volunteer in the Chambersburg community and has two amazing kids, Tara and Trystan.

Tara Zollinger

Tara is a passionate yogi, hiker and amateur vegetarian cook with a 200 YTT Certification from Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh, PA. Specializing in Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Yoga for Athletes, She creates each practice purposefully with mindful movement, pranayama techniques, active body awareness - for a guided journey that culminates with meditation and affirmations. She believes your breath is your true guide throughout your yoga practice and source of power or serenity, depending on your body’s needs. She helps facilitate your time on the mat by guiding alignment with a sequence that assists you in discovering a deeper connection to your conscious breath, body and spirit.

Her yoga journey began when she was a Division I field hockey student athlete at the University of Maryland. During the summer between her sophomore and junior years, she found an online coupon for Bikram Yoga in Tacoma Park, MD. One class in and she was hooked! After experimenting with different branches of yoga practice she fell in love with Vinyasa Yoga. Linking breath with asanas transformed her self awareness, and began her lifelong journey of mindfulness and sparked a deeper connection with herself that she continues exploring today.

Erika Gilbert

Erika completed her 200 hour YTT certification in 2019 through Jala Yoga in Sheperdstown, WV. She believes that yoga is all inclusive, and loves the sense of unity found in the diversity of a group practice. Erika began studying yoga as a way to gain balance, peace, and strength within her body. The lessons learned on her mat began to infuse themselves into every aspect of her life. She also draws inspiration from the ever changing flow of nature. Erika strives to encourage her students along their path of exploration. When she is not on her yoga mat, she can be found knitting, reading, or hiking.